daily discovery- the creme brulee cart.

    there is a food truck throw-down going on right now, between los angeles, san francisco and new york. even the midwest is embracing the idea and the trucks are popping up slowly, just about everywhere. food trucks are great considering they turn ordinary street food into instant cult classics and have tasty treats on the menu you only hear about through other bloggers, twitter, etc, but always wonder if these things actually exist.  so, as a food truck lover, i didn't think it could get any better until i read there was a creme brulee cart in san francisco!! not even a truck, but a cart. whaaat?! i could quit my job, pack up my apartment and run to san fran, all in the name of 7 flavors of creme brulee. what a genius concept! this guy is my hero. next time i'm in san francisco i'm totally hunting this guy down! the guy who started the creme brulee cart, curtis, also has a brother who runs the successful magic curry kart in san francisco. oh, how i love san francisco and their food scene!  anyway, find curtis and his cart on yelp here:  creme brulee cart   and you can follow him on twitter here: cremebruleecart. he was even profiled in the new york times, which you can read here: new york times article.

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  1. Oh my goodness - Creme brulee to go? You've just made my day :)