memorial day in malibu with canter.

   so i spent this year's memorial day in malibu , hanging out at a party with friends at a beautiful house on the beach. the weather was just beautiful and perfect, the company was great, and there were more than enough hot dogs being passed around. 
i had the chance to meet one of the canter's deli ( the famous original canter's on fairfax, and now in vegas and dodger stadium) owners, gary canter, who is a grandson of the man who started the famous eatery which was established in 1924. 
 we shared a few stories and had a good laugh discussing what it's like growing up in the restaurant business, a family restaurant at that, and the ups and downs of the business. it seems we had a lot in common and everything he spoke about was all too familiar. you definitely have to be a strong person to be able to make it in the business & i am more than proud of my mother & the restaurant  i grew up in, which is nearing the 20 year anniversary mark! my sisters and i literally grew up in that restaurant, which to us, is like home.

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