raspberry cilantro mojito.

this cocktail is refreshing and different, sounds like a weird combination, but is uniquely tasty. i had a fairly large amount of leftover cilantro from a recent fish taco stint and decided i would put it into a mojito along with some fresh raspberries. the finished product was just a bit spicy but still mint-y, sweet but tangy, overall flavorful and palatable.

1.25 oz silver rum

7 cilantro leaves
5 mint leaves
2-4 tbsp of simple syrup *see recipe below
0.5 oz lime juice
6 raspberries
2 oz soda

***to make simple syrup add one part water to one part sugar and heat in small saucepan until it makes a syrup-y consistency.

Place cilantro and mint leaves in the bottom of a tall glass . Add crushed ice, rum, 2 tbsp of simple syrup, raspberries, and lime juice and muddle. Add soda water and more simple syrup if needed. You could also substitute the soda water for 7-up or Sprite of course.


  1. i want to try this!!!! yumm

  2. I tried this, and I can't endorse it strongly enough! It is beyond awesome! If you like cocktails, this is a MUST TRY!!! Yummmmm is RIGHT!

    I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes me drool just looking at these awesome pictures and insane recipe. Keep up the outstanding work Jess!