vintageshopping+margaritas+surlatable=good day

after some yummy mexican dinner, some very strong margaritas, and some much needed catching up with my friend jana, i couldn't help but take a photo of her gorgeous balenciaga wedges (i've been dying for these shoes since she first acquired them!!). we stopped for an impromptu photo shoot in the parking lot and took just a few photos. 

earlier in the day i had made a trip up to one of my favorite vintage stores in LA, hidden treasures in topanga canyon. i rarely stop by as much as i want to and i was really feeling up to a vintage shopping excursion.  i usually always find something that i end up cherishing and coveting more than the last thing i bought there. after carefully scavenging the premises, floor to ceiling,  i found two amazing pieces which i will definitely post about soon. here's jana and i posing outside of the restaurant-

and after margaritas with jana, alen and i headed down to santa monica to make a visit to sur la table. if i learned anything today, it is to stay far, far away from sur la table after margaritas ;) we were both like two kids in a candy store, touching every gadget and tool, while explaining to each other why we desperately   needed to own one of everything. thankfully we only left the store with a spring form pan (for my white chocolate cheesecake!!yum!), some organic madagascar vanilla , and rainbow sprinkles. yes,  rainbow sprinkles. life is just better with sprinkles. 

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