lunch, to go.

i acknowledge the beauty of taking food to-go. it's eating and enjoying on your own terms, a freedom if you will. it means finishing when you want, no one to rush you, no one to watch you, eating just about anywhere you decide, whether it be in your car, or sitting in the sand on a beach watching a sunset. today, my friend jana and i were in such a rush, dizzily going from one place to another all over west LA, determined to get work done. by the time 4pm rolled around we realized we were beyond starved, so on the way home we made a beeline for the brentwood country mart, and grabbed food to-go at barney's hamburgers. as we sat in jana's car, savoring each bite of our food, jana cheerfully declared that her falafel was the best she'd ever had. we both raved about the food, which was delicious, starving or not. and while i do enjoy a nice 5 star meal, my veggie burger lunch in jana's car would have rivaled anything that most 5 star meals had to offer. our food was so good, and despite the messiness, we were eating on our own terms.

barbeque veggie burger with jack cheese and caramelized onions &
falafel with hummus and avocado

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