brunch @ bottega louie.

{french toast}

{my favorite- the portobello fries w/ aioli}

+sweets galore+

missoni meets san pellegrino

so i finally ventured downtown with alen in tow to make a much anticipated trip to the flower mart this past weekend. after gathering our orchids and hydrangeas both starved, alen had suggested we eat at bottega louie. being somewhat hesitant at first, considering i usually avoid most restaurants that receive as much hype as bottega louie did and still does, eventually gave in and happily obliged. i figured i could at least try it since i hardly get downtown and when i do i usually go to the fashion district and then get the hell out before gridlock traffic time approaches-which is aka most of the time here in LA. this place is just aesthetically beautiful and as grand as it could possibly be, with its palatial dining room and ornate columns. they apparently won the 4th annual 2009 Restaurant Design Awards presented by American Institute of Architects Los Angeles (AIA/LA) and i completely see why. the food was just as amazing too, from the french toast to the portobello fries, and everything in between. being the breakfast fan that i am, this place totally won my heart for their food. even the coffee was delicious! and of course, i couldn't leave without buying a box of macarons and rochers coco. both the food and experience were definitely worth battling the traffic-

 visit their website here


  1. I looove Bottega Louie. And I was in love with those portobello fries so much that I made them for my blog. I highly recommend them, especially in a sandwich.

  2. thanks Adrianna! I'm definitely going to have to try that- these were soooo good! Oh and ps, I love your blog! I just followed you on twitter:)!