sky over los angeles.

the LA sky was quite the site last night. not only did it rain, lightning was spotted (talk about a rarity!), as was a double rainbow. alen took these photos, which were 100 times more breathtaking in person, from the front door of our apartment while i stood in awe. i watched as the clouds turned from an intense, dark and stormy orange to a more mellowed out pastel hue. despite such bright, vibrant colors, these photos were not enhanced in any way. the colors were so bright, it was as if the pavement in the streets were lit a glowing pink.


  1. Hi Jess!
    Gosh, those skies are beautiful, reminds me of why I miss and love Cali soooooo much. Isn't it such a great feeling after the rain, where everything is refreshed and you get this brand new sky, so exhilarating! :)

  2. hello, I'm new to your blog, just checking it out for the first time. i remember the skies that night, they were amazing! (i live in Silver Lake). thanks for all the great recipe inspiration, i'm sure your blog will become a favorite!