halloween weekend.

we decided to get away saturday and drive up to Ojai to have breakfast and possibly find an authentic pumpkin patch somewhere along the way. the pumpkin patches in LA are mostly situated dotted along the city in concrete parking lots surrounded by the big city lights and and the infamous smog LA is known for.  i wanted a different experience. i wanted dirt, fields of corn, fresh air, roads to nowhere, to get lost and explore the small towns.
the morning drive to Ojai was certainly an adventure, and by the time we made to the end of our 80 mile journey there, we decided to eat.
we had white cheddar and egg breakfast sandwiches at knead baking co. which were surprisingly delicious, finally found the kind of pumpkin patch i had been searching for, and i
somehow managed to cover my hunter boots completely in mud, which actually i appreciated knowing that was apart of the experience. the weather was perfect and since it had just rained, there was a cool crispness in the air that suited the weekend fittingly. we made it back home just in time to carve our pumpkins, take naps, and change into our costumes for a night out with friends. can i count drawn-on whiskers and and cat ears as a costume? 


  1. that sounds like a lovely halloween weekend! the pumpkin patch looks awesome!

  2. Um non-food related question, but where did you get that darling cape and who are your jeans by?

  3. it was a very fun weekend!
    Melissa- i bought it at zara recently:) also, the jeans are citizens of humanity stretch legging jeans:)