san francisco photo diary.

china town- king of thai noodle house- fishermans wharf- chocolate pots de creme-miette- view from hog island oysters- ferry plaza farmer's market- macarons -view of alcatraz- pier 23 cafe ensenada-style fish tacos- on the pier-market street- union square tree lighting- late night financial district

after a long wine-drenched thanksgiving dinner and falling asleep at nearly 2am, i was reluctantly woken up just three hours later just in time to catch a flight to san francisco. i had dubbed the trip a long post-thanksgiving weekend getaway, when in fact, getaway was turning more and more into merely a thought and we were actually entering black friday madness and all it entails. all shopping aside, we vowed to not take a cab the entire trip and instead explore the city on foot and rely on public transportation. my beloved pair of black nikes had never seen so much sun (or rain) ever, and i didn't dare look once in the direction of the 5 inch heels i had packed. we walked from union square to the financial district to pier 1 to fisherman's wharf, up to nob hill, into china town and back to union square. all entirely in a span of a few hours. 
alen and i both agreed that we saw more of the city then the last time we visited in our car, and this way we were forced to try out new restaurants that we just happened to stumble upon. we happily indulged in overflowing beer, sushi, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, fresh dungeness crab, macarons, coffee, local sourdough bread, napa wines, more chocolate, you name it. our trip was sealed with an afternoon martini session on a soft green velvet couch at the four seasons, four floors up and overlooking a very bustling market street. the four seasons became our own little piece of zen in san francisco, where we could run around the chaotic city, have lunch in a cramped china town restaurant, then return here for a calm, quiet evening. here we did the deliberating, describing our experiences and the food, weighing our likes and dislikes, and discussing explanations for all. as much as i love los angeles, i really admire san francisco, their food, the history, the walkability. in a city as sprawled out, trendy, and constantly coming and going as los angeles, it's sometimes hard to warm up to the restaurant scene, let alone keep up with it. this trip really reminded me to toss out any online ratings, or forget what most people define as the best and really find those special places all on my own.


  1. I am a new reader of your blog, and I love it!

    I went to San Francisco last year, and it was such a beautiful place - your photos totally capture it - amazing!

  2. I love this post!! I'll be heading up there for my winterbreak, and I can't wait!

    P.s. I had that same little chocolate mouse from that cute little bakery in the ferry building - loved it ♥


  3. just went to San Fran this august for our honeymoon. we totally fell in love with this awesome city. great photos!

  4. what a great places! I`d like to be there someday :)

  5. Those photos are thee coolest esp. the one looking down the street (2nd photo)

    I'm a photographer from Philly and I'll keep my eye on this site


  6. Fantastic photos of the city, you really capture the essence of San Francisco.

    See Shop Eat Do: Los Angeles

  7. Cannot stop looking at this post!!! One week later. So glad I found your blog. I gave you an award ;)


  8. Thanks everyone:) ! San Francisco is one of my favorite places to take photos because I can usually find something extraordinarily beautiful to photograph everywhere I turn, whether it may be a perfect moment, something delicious, or the scenic beauty... I just love SF!

    La Lola- thank you for you very kind words. You totally just made my day! I seriously adore you and your blog as well:)