joshua tree.

i must admit that i am further behind on my posting than i would like to be as of recently, but for good reason. i was in tennessee for nearly 4 weeks visiting my family over the holidays, which was overall a long but relaxing and much-needed trip. it was there i had decided to ditch the computer and trade it in for baking sessions with my mother, intimate fireside wine conversations with friends that would last way too long into the night, and time spent running after my four year old nephew at my family's restaurant. 

just as the trip seemed to begin, alen and i were already on our way back to los angeles, driving cross country. i waved goodbye to memphis as we drove over the mississippi river and hours later we rang in the new year in some random texas town along the interstate.  the trip made for my best new year experience, and one that i'm sure will be hard to beat. i took thousands of photos along the ride and promise to share at least a few very soon.

besides coming home and a quick trip to santa barbara, i have been busy organizing, unpacking, and adding to my ever expanding kitchen. i am seriously running out of room- room to chop, room to roll out dough for my pastries, room to store my family heirloom plates, room to even think.  it seems as if my kitchen is becoming a cluttered sur la table/farmers market, which is totally fine by me;) 
 we celebrated my 26th birthday jan 20th, with an amazing dinner at the always delicious via veneto in santa monica and wrapped it up with a weekend trip to joshua tree. the trip was full of thought provoking moments, quietness and the deserted-ness that i was craving. we drove with the top down, hands in the air, and wind in our faces.  the land was picture-perfect, the air clean, the lighting stunning, and there was not a soul in sight. i've never seen a sky so big. it was absolutely beautiful. 

i couldn't resist sharing these photos.

&  i hope you forgive me for being away...


  1. wow! those photos are stunning! i've always heard that the desert is the best place to see a sunset but we don't have any deserts in the UK! That last picture is so haunting and weird - I love it!!
    you are totally forgiven for being away! ;)
    sounds like you had a wonderful relaxing break

  2. seriously amazing photos! i love it. always wanted to go there. great post can't wait for more...