I am a full-time baker, chef, crafter, food photographer, all around lover & dreamer. I love baking & always make or do things from scratch!

Everyday I wake up inspired with ideas and recipes in my head and I love to get to work, cup of coffee in hand, in the kitchen. I practically spend my entire day in the kitchen testing and tasting various recipes. I am a perfectionist when it comes to taste, and I believe in using the highest quality ingredients to achieve those results. 

I am truly the happiest person when someone compliments my food, and when I hear the word "yummy" I feel accomplished- I feel that feeding someone is the most heartwarming thing you could possibly do. Food brings people together &

 I run this blog as a way to index my recipes, my travels, and importantly my inspiration. 

I can be contacted at lualosangeles@yahoo.com .